Read for the Stars!

Read-a-Thon kicks off on February 23.  This year’s event will be a scaled-down version of past events for two reasons – first, we will not be raising money as we have met our fundraising goal this year (yay!); second, we did not have a volunteer chair for this event.

That said, there is plenty of fun ahead!  We will be having grade competitions to see which class can read the most, and if the school reads 100,000 minutes, Mr. Miller and Ms. Bracken will transform into Book Fairies for some lunch time fun.   As your children read, have them turn in their minute coupons so they can earn their star on the Read-a-Thon wall – and so their mintues can be counted for the class rivalries!

Read-a-Thon kicks off on 2/23 with guest author Sue Baer.  Want to order her books?  Book Order and Autograph Form


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Switching to PTO

During our PTA Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on February 22, we will hold a vote to switch from PTA to PTO status.  We need all of our voting members to cast a vote on this decision.  The primary reason for the switch is that there are fewer limitions on what a PTO can fund, and that more optimally suits our school needs.

The proposed by-laws for the PTO can be found here.



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Smile much?

We could all be smiling a lot if we take advantage of Amazon Smile this holiday season.  Did you know that Amazon donates 0.5% of each purchase to LES, if those purchases originate at www. smile.amazon.com?

It is easy to set up.  Right now, click smile.amazon.com/ch/56-2321478 to set LES up as your “smile” recipient.  After that, just remember to start your Amazon shopping at smile.amazon.com and everything happens automatically.  Easy peasy.

Remember, too, to use your King Sooper and Alfalfa’s cards – those give us thousands of reasons to smile every year, too!


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Raise it or Write it: Jog-a-Thon is here!

The LES Jog-a-Thon will take place on September 27.  Get your children pumped to celebrate fitness, compete with other classes, and help reach the school fundraising goal.  If they raise $8,000, Mr. Miller will be singing during lunch – motivation!

We are asking that each child try to raise $2o for the LES Jog-a-Thon – either in addition to or included in your Panther Pride donation.  We need to raise $175 per child this year to hit our fundraising goal of $91,000.  Donations can be sent in with your form, or paid online.

View the schedule here.  Run hard, raise $, have fun!

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Welcome back to school!  We hope your kids have their best year yet! To make this year run more smoothly for you and the staff at LES, here are some helpful links to check out as school gets underway.

School Directory: Did you know that your information will not appear in the directory unless you log in and update your student’s information?  Please take a second to do so.

School Fees: There are a couple class fees, varying by grade.  Please log in to RevTrak and pay for your student. You can also access the hot lunch payment system through this link.

Volunteers: We need your help to keep LES running at its best.  Please consider helping out – we thank you in advance! Volunteer Now!

Join the PTA: Get involved! For a small fee, you earn a vote in all PTA matters. We’d love your voice to be heard.  Join now!

Panther Pride Donation: Did you know that the PTA supports school programs that would otherwise be gone because of funding cuts?  Please help us keep LES strong and donate today.


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We NEED Volunteers for this School Year 2017 – 2018


Dear LES Parents,

We are in need of volunteers for the 2017-2018 school year.  Please review our volunteer options and send us a quick update of the volunteer areas you are interested in.  Please note signing up does not mean we expect you to participate it just ensures you receive the sign up genius for these events.

Volunteer Descriptionshttp://louisvillepta.org/volunteer/volunteer-position-descriptions/

Volunteer Sign Up: http://louisvillepta.org/volunteer-interest-form/

Thank you!

Sondra Thorsland

If you have questions/concerns please email our volunteer coordinator directly: sondraann@gmail.com


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