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YAY! We have a new online PTA directory!!

My school anywhere is our new LES PTA directory  You can search for friends/families and you can choose whether your information is visible in the Ap and website.

If you had an existing student in the previous directory your information has already been uploaded into the new one.  Whether you are a NEW or RETURNING family, you can add or confirm/edit your data at:  The join code is louisville (all lower case).

Parents have the opportunity to enter up to 2 households, add their student(s), assign each child’s teacher, and make display choices (privacy).
Some notes:
–  You will need to designate a primary parent, but ALL parents will be emailed for all communications
– If you do not want their home phone and address to show, it would be easiest to just leave it blank.
– Please note you must have an email to join.  (Please contact the school office by phone and leave a message for the directory chair for alternatives.)
– Note: we print full class lists (name only) in our print version of the directory.  For anyone with privacy concerns, please let us know!
Any additional questions/concerns please contact our Directory Chair: Lindsey LeCuyer
Thanks so much!!!
Thanks again to Lindsey LeCuyer for setting this all up!!!

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