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2015-2016 School Year Panther Press Update Running Club

LES Running Club

Yet another running club season has come and gone! We were blessed with great running weather for the most part. The sense of community that develops during running club both on the trail and in the cafeteria was beautiful to behold. We saw the pride that each child took in the miles that he or she walked or ran, no matter the number. We were graced once again with parents willing to pitch in and help out whether or not they were asked. We could not ask for more out of the running club experience! A heartfelt thanks to Jennifer Behringer and Sondra Thorsland for their willingness to co-chair running club this year! Thank you to Doug Dombek and Adam Thaler for continuing to run with the students – a few of them are hard to keep up with! A huge thank you to Angie Sharr and Mike Giese for their help in the cafeteria. We couldn’t function without them. Running club parent volunteers make running club possible through the extra time and effort they contribute each and every session and we extend our gratitude! We encourage families to continue to walk, hike or run together throughout the summer and that those who didn’t participate this year will consider joining us next year. The beauty of running is that the only equipment required is a pair of athletic shoes and a willing heart (and often, a friend). Also, when you are downtown this summer, especially if you or your children are using a gift certificate won at running club, please remember to thank the merchants who support running club through their full or partial donations: Bittersweet, Sweet Cow, Por Winehouse and Assorted Goods. These merchants support LES in many different ways over the course of the year and we are so grateful!

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